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The following message was sent by a concerned friend...

The Movie: Dogma

Rated R for strong language including sex-related dialogue, violence, crude humor and some drug content.

We are starting a campaign to raise awareness over a movie that has been marketed as a comedy. This weekend my husband and I went to see a movie called Dogma.  The stars in the movie are Matt Damon, Ben Afleck, and Chris Rock. We thought it would be a good movie since we knew the actors and the movie trailers we had seen for the movie led us to believe it was a comedy about three angels. We thought it would be a movie like John Travolta's angel movie -- Michael. We were really wrong on our expectations of this movie. Matt and I have never walked out on a movie, but after sitting through 45 minutes, we felt we had to leave because of the very degrading way the angels were portrayed.

In the 45 minutes we watched the movie, they had an angel pull his pants down to show he was not anatomically correct and then make several references about it; Matt Damon (one of the angels) shot 7 people (he shot the people because he found a loophole on how to get into Heaven after killing people); Chris Rock fell from the sky stark naked; at least four or five profane words were spoken in every sentence; and they did away with crucifix and had another portrayal for Jesus (he was winking and giving a thumbs up sign). They also had a derogatory slang term they were using for Jesus.

The movie was so appalling and so against the Christian faith that Matt and I apologized in prayer to God for having gone to see the movie. We both felt like God was taking names on who was seeing this movie.  I think the Devil produced this movie; I cannot even begin to describe how appalling and how immoral this movie is.  Please pass on this, to convince concerned parents not to go see this movie, and so they can warn others, especially their children, about this extremely poor movie.

It is really scary to think that a lot of our youth may see this movie. Rock, Afleck, and Damon are stars that teenagers normally flock to see at the movies.   Please forward this message to others, so we can show Hollywood through reduced sales that we are totally against these kinds of portrayals of angels and God.


"The man who loves his country on its own account, and not merely for its trappings of interest or power, can never be divorced from it, can never refuse to come forward when he finds that she is engaged in dangers which he has the means of warding off." Thomas Jefferson