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Senior Citizens

Senior citizens in the United States are constantly being criticized and blamed for
practically every conceivable deficiency of the modern world, real or imaginary.
Every individual should take full responsibility and not falsely accuse others for 
personal mistakes.  Upon reflection, however, senior citizens point out that it was 
not them who took the:

        *  melody out of music

        *  pride out of appearance

        *  romance out of love

        *  commitment out of marriage

       *  responsibility out of parenthood

      *  togetherness out of the family

      *  learning out of education

      *  service out of patriotism

      *  religion out of school

      *  Golden Rule from rulers and leaders
      *  nativity scene out of cities

      *  civility out of behavior

      *  refinement out of language

      *  dedication out of employment

      *  prudence out of spending

      *  high ambition out of achievement

      *  patience and tolerance out of personal relationships
          and interactions with others

      *  love and firm belief when singing the Star Spangled Banner

 Remember -- Inside most U.S. citizens at the age 50 or older remains the flickering
 spirit of  a younger person wondering what happened to their world!