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Top Ten Reasons

Why People Don't Go To Reunions

Bonus Excuse: My dog ate the invitation.

10 I'm too fat! We don't care so much about what's on the outside, as what's on the inside.

9 I never "made it" to the previous reunions.  Nobody is going to judge you by what you didn't do that you think you should have.

8 I don't have a spouse.  We still care about YOU.

7 I've had too many spouses. How are you NOW?

6 I don't have any kids.  If you don't have kids and you don't want kids, that's okay. The world is a big place, with lots of shoes to fill.  You might find someone at the reunion you can adopt.

5 I've had too many kids.  Don't worry, you'll get through it.  Soon they'll be out of the house, and you'll wish you could do it all over again.  Don't regret any of it.

4 My hair's too gray.  When people get older, their hair gets gray.  We'd like to see you, even if your hair is purple.

3  I don't have any hair left. We don't care about your hair, we care about your smiling face, and looking in your sparkling eyes.  Since we're your friends, we care about you.

2 I can't decide what I want to be when I grow up.   A comedian said, that's why all the adults are asking kids what they want to be when THEY grow up -- to get IDEAS!  Most of us will change careers seven times in our lifetime.  We just care about who you are TODAY.

1 This is the same weekend I have to watch my grandchildren.  We're going to be hearing this more and more as time goes on.  But, maybe you need a break and to get away for awhile.  Start planning and saving now for the next reunion.   The years pass us by too quickly.