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Under the leadership of its hardworking coaches headed by Gary Haass, the John Marshall Varsity Rams passed, tackled, and defended their way to a excellent season of six wins and four losses during the Fall of 1968.  This was the Rams' best seasonal record for the past five years. The mighty Rams received many awards and recognition.  Jim Hennig won the Player of the Week trophy and Honorable Mention of All City and All District teams.   Three of the Rams--Bruce Bealor, Larry Bradshaw, and James Meiske--made the All District team.  David Lower and Steve Tucker received Honorable Mentions.  Most important, the Rams, through gritty team work, earned second in District.

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Name No. Pos. Wt.
Greg Lewis 84 E 155
Jimmy Logan 35 FB 198
Don Perry 76 C 160
Tommy Jordan 30 SB 126
Ken Bird 64 G 168
Doug Barrera 80 E 130
Gary Reile 73 T 167
Calvin Kneupper 55 C 163
Terry Boone 61 G 148
Mark Veillon 62 G 197
Leroy Sittre 75 T 168
Ken Givens 60 G 189
LeRoy Galm 82 E 170
Randy Joseph 22 TB 150
John Neely 20 SB 130
Craig Bryant 44 FB 157
A. C. Gonzalez 25 TB 138
Bruce Bealor 50 G 198
Robby McArthur 81 E 159
Mark Walton 53 C 160
David Lower 40 TB 143
Ricky Rogers 12 QB 155
Steve Tucker 71 T 161
Bryan Jackson 63 G 166
James Meiske 65 G 168
Larry Bradshaw 83 E 168
Jim Hennig 33 FB 163

Other Varisty Rams not pictured above:

Name No. Pos. Wt/
Tim Hess 15 QB 153
Kevin Madox 45 SB 149
John Fick 51 C 165
John Badders 70 T 189
Jody Herro 72 T 186
Eddie Riddle 74 T 188
Clint Myers 85


LEE - A muddy field at Northeast Stadium was the scene on September 14 of Marshall's first game of the season. The Rams were overpowered 27-6 by the Robert E. Lee Volunteers. Although the Volunteers were first to score, by the end of the half, Marshall had come from behind, tying the score 6-6. A block from Jim Hennig aided Randy Joseph in scoring from six yards out. Despite Marshall's efforts, Lee scored three additional times in the second half. The game ended in a victory for the Volunteers.

McCOLLUM - The Rams were victims of defeat for the second time in their clash with McCollum. Several major errors made by Marshall aided the Cowboys in scoring three times giving the opponents a victory.  The Cowboy's first score was set up when a pass was intercepted by a McCollum player who carried the ball to the Ram's 10. The following plays led to a score by the opponents. Halftime found McCollum with a 6-0 lead. During the third quarter, both offenses were unable to gain any substantial yardage. Early in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys slipped past the Rams and scored for the second time. Later the opponents blocked a Marshall punt on the 45, then recovered the ball and ran for the third touchdown.

SOUTH SAN - Marshall's first win came in the game against South San as the Rams breezed by the Bobcats 41-9. The first touchdown for Marshall was brought across by David Lower. In the second quarter, Jim Hennig kept the action going with two more touchdowns. After Hennig's first score, Ricky Rogers passed to Robby McArthur for two extra points. An extra point was kicked by Kevin Maddox after Hennig's second touchdown. The Rams kept right on scoring in the third quarter as Larry Bradshaw carried the ball across. Again, Maddox kicked another extra point. Midway through the third quarter, the Bobcats kicked a 17-yard field goal, putting them on the scoreboard. Later in the same quarter, Marshall scored again when Steve Tucker fell on a blocked kick, giving the Rams six more points. Bruce Bealor kicked the extra point. South San's only touchdown was made in the second quarter. With only five seconds left Jimmy Logan carried the ball over for Marshall's final touchdown.

EDISON - Victory came again for the Rams as they downed the Edison Bears 14-6. Marshall's first score came at the end of the half as Hennig scored from the 2-yard line following a 69 yards drive. The extra point was booted by Maddox.  Following the opening kick-off of the

second-half, Randy Joseph set up Marshall's second touchdown as he moved the ball 58 yards to the Edison 31. Eight plays later, Hennig scored again. Maddox kicked an additional extra point. During the third quarter, the Bear's quarterback intercepted a pass and ran 32 yards for the only Edison score of the night.

KENNEDY - The Marshall vs. Kennedy game was one of the most exciting games played by the Rams during the season. Kennedy scored on the opening play of the game when a Rocket moved 63 yards for six points. The extra point attempt was successful.  Immediately, the Rams cvened up the score when Jim Hennig ran the ball two yards to the goal line following an 11- yard drive. The extra point was booted over by Kevin Maddox. The deciding factor of the game came in the second quarter when Maddox kicked a field goal for three points. This proved to be the edge Marshall needed for a victory.  During the third quarter, the Rockets jumped ahead of the Rams when they made another touchdown plus the extra point. On the following kick off play, the Rockets booted the ball to the Ram 10 yard line where Marshall's Randy Joseph caught the ball and ran 90 yards for a touchdown. Maddox kicked the extra point over, giving Marshall the final Icad of 17-14.

JAY ~ Sophomorc Randy Joseph opened the game with a kick-off to the Jay 39. After seven plays, Ricky Rogers passed to David Lower for the Ram's first six points.  Maddox kicked the extra point. Following this play, the Mustangs kicked to Marshall. The Rams received on the 36 and scored.  Marshall's third touchdown came early in the second quarter when they ran 69 yards to score again. The extra point attempt was successful. Late in the second quarter a fourth down gamble gave Jay possession of the ball. Jay then scored their first touchdown and also made the extra two points leaving the score 21-7 at halftime.  In the last half of the game, the Rams rounded the final score to a 36-13 victory.

SAN MARCOS - Marshall suffered another defeat on October 25, when they were crushed 26-7 by the Rattlers. The action started when a San Marcos halfback scored a touchdown from 1-yard out. The extra point, however, was blocked. During the second quarter, another Rattler burst through the line and again the conversion failed.  The second half found San Marcos scoring two more times. Marshall's only score came with 1 minute and 12 seconds left in the game.  Hennig moved in from 15 yards out, climaxing a long drive.

HOLMES - The rivalry between the Holmes Huskies and the Marshall Rams was brought out onto the gridiron on November 1, as the Huskies edged past the Rams 28-21. Holmes was first to get on the scoreboard during the first period. With four minutes and 45 seconds left in the first half, Hennig scored and Maddox kicked the extra point. Rogers later threw a 32-yard pass with only 24 seconds remaining in the first half. Lower received on the Huskies 10 and ran in for the touchdown. Again Maddox kicked an extra point. At the half the Rams led 14-6. The beginning of the second half found Marshall still going strong. When the Huskies were forced to punt, Joseph received the ball on the Marshall 13 and ran 87 yards for Marshall's third touchdown, an Maddox made his third extra point. Then the tide began to change. The remaining part of the game found the Huskies catching up and finally overcoming  the Ram's lead by 28-21.

SEGUIN - On November 25, the Seguin Matadors suffered their first loss at their stadium in three years when they tangled with the mighty Rams. On that very cold, rainy evening the Rams slid past the Bullfighters 12-6. Marshall's first score came early in the game when Rogers moved around left end and down the field. Maddox kicked the extra point. During the remainder of the first half, neither team was able to score. At the half, Marshall led 6-0. Taking advantage of a Marshall fumble, the Matadors recovered the ball and within a few plays had made their only touchdown. The winning Marshall touchdown was made by Larry Bradshaw who received a pass from Rogers from the 2-yard line. It came just in the nick of time with less than a minute remaining in the game.

NEW BRAUNFELS - The Rams closed out their season with a 35-0 Homecoming trouncing of the New Braunfels Unicorns. The first Marshall TD came when Hennig ran across from the 1-yard line.  Maddox scored the extra point.  In the second quarter, Lower intercepted a Unicorn pass at the Ram 19 and returned it to the 38.   Joseph followed this up with a 62-yard touchdown. Lower took the second half kickoff at the 6, and carried the ball 94 yards for another TD and a 21-0 lead. Four plays later  McArthur intercepted a pass and returned it to the Ram 40. Seven plays later, Hennig scored from 9 yards out. In the fourth period with 2 minutes and 16 seconds. left on the clock, Marshall made its final touchdown when Hennig carried the ball in from the 35.

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