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Under the guidance of Mr. Bob Lewis, the Ram Band participated in an active year.
For band members, work began on August 5, 1968.  Many fine performances were
displayed to enthusiastic spectators at the football games.  During October, the band
traveled to Kingsville, Texas to contend in Band Day at A&I.  The hard work on the field
paid off; they received a 1st place division rating in marching at contest.  Entering
competition as a group again, the Ram Band received a 1st place division in sight-reading
and a 2nd place in concert at Concert Contest.  The Ram Band raised enough money for an
enjoyable trip to Six Flags Over Texas, closing out a busy, but pleasurable year.

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Front Row - Majorettes: Christine Phillips, Becky Busch, Terri Taylor, Dorothy Fryer.

2nd Row - Mr. Bob Lewis (Band Director), Jeannine Raye, Rusty Smith, Debbie Brown, Nancy Coffman, Barbara Fink, Patty Steubing, Rebecca Tumlinson, Jim Holstein, Craig Alley, Ron Conners, Bobby Schwab, Ronnie, Fritze, Alvin Becker, Mickey Roe, Kenneth Bartholomew, Linda Benson, Sue Cunningham, Priscilla Mullen, Debbie Flocke, Brenda Corte, Pat Cunningham, Ed Feith (Drum Major).

3rd Row - Martha Peese, Donna Mathers, Cassima Seitz, Emilie Hupp, Shirley Grimmel, Betsey Faulk.

4th. Row  - Cathy Childs, Pam Olijar, Dale Goodrich, Myrtle Anglin, Anne Moore, Karen Mierschin, Pam Edwards, Gretchen Kuhn, Loretta Fink, Marvin Slovacek, Jerry Deitchle, Randy Selgrath, Denise Evers, Victor Rinkle, Susan Kolmeier, Pam Tjornholm, Beverly Priest, Sue Stanphill, Candy Perkins, Miki Cunningham.

5th Row - Everette DeWolfe, Doug Topperwein, Cathy Cunningham, Barry Littleton, John Tshirhart, Denise Reasonover, Dane Stanley, Dan Benham, Paul Anderson, Carl Jacobs, Bruce Faust, Nancy Steubing, Kathy Jenkins, John Gibbs, Shara Appleby, Chuck Williams, Penny Snodderly, Ricky Fulton, Rebecca Gremmel, Annette Peters.

6th Row - Ronny Johnson, Tommy Camp, Robert Purcell, Richard Yeargain, Paul Gray, Don Smith, Danny Jacobs, Eric Carr, Gary Hill, Tim Majni, Chris Robbins, Bill Kent, Royce Taylor, Carl Gustafson, Darrel Boeselt, Sandy Roe, Gary Miller, Ed Heskew, Mark Williams, Debbie Tshirhart.

Top Row - John Austin, Ditsie Weynand, Gregg Freeland, Randy Seewald, Fred Roberts, Steve Tucker, David Moore, Jerry Scott, Ed Mergeley, Clifton Taylor, Charles Kelsey, Tommy Shultz, Richard Coffman, David Barker, Aaron Barker, Scott Johnson, Robert Frisby, Milton O'Bryant, Ray Hunter, Shawn Hamilton, Ronnie Sherman.


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